Don Philippe & Rzuma - All in blues - limited colored vinyl edition - 100 copies

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Just like colors, music has countless shades. Fine nuances in both painting and music define the mood and a few strokes could decide on an evoked feeling, from melancholy to joy. The greatest jazz musicians thought in tone colors when they talked about sound. Having embraced historical and creative crossovers between jazz and hip hop, Don Philippe and Rzuma employ the same analogy to describe their newest work „All in blues“.

track list

A1 Tones of oranges

A2 Tones of greens

A3 All in blues

A4 Dominated by the browns

A5 Purple & white

A6 In the shades of yellow

A7 In ethereal red

B1 Harmoony in gold & blue

B2 Ebony

B3 A ripple of amber

B4 Symphony in gray and pink

B5 Royal purples

B6 Rose of the sun

B7 A marvel of yellow & green


Artwork by Mascha Pryven