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Limited edition of just 100 (hand numbered) copies worldwide

Step into the world of "Sun City" by Duan Wasi, where jazzy summer vibes meet a playful chords and piano melodies, creating an atmosphere of pure relaxation and bliss.

The album title refers to a well-known graffiti piece by the french street artist Victor Ash from 1986, and musically ties in with the current discourse on how the modern polis of the future must be designed and constructed. As a living space, as a dynamic system, a creative center of an open society. Duan Wasi gives a musical suggestion for this idea.
The central metaphor here is the sun as the main element by evoking wide open spaces and room for light and carefree feelings, akin to lay back on jazzy summer vibes meeting playful chords and piano melodies, creating an atmosphere of pure relaxation and bliss.

Playful notes dance effortlessly, imbuing the composition with a delightful sense of joy and ease. Soft melody weaves on their way through the tracks, intertwining with subtle jazz elements, infusing the beat with a sophisticated and laid-back ambiance.

"Sun City" embraces the essence of a sun-soaked vibe, where worries melt away, and a lightness of being takes over. It paints a vivid sonic picture of welcomeness. It's an invitation to relish the easy way of life.

track list

A1. Metis

A2. Ocean Drive

A3. Hit me when the sun comes up

A4. Siesta

A5. White Sands

A6. Sunny Side up

A7. Simple Pleasures

A8. Pretty little Things

B1. Out of Sight

B2. Sun City

B3. Island Secrets

B4. Crossword Clues

B5. Seven Days in June

B6. Peripeteia

B7. Everyday Pyjamas

B8. Airwaves


Mix & Mastering by Duan Wasi

Artwork by Duan Wasi