KLIM - Cryptic - limited edition of 100 copies - SOLD OUT

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Limited Edition of 100 copies on black 12" vinyl.

KLIM brings back the vibes that many people in the beat area miss and demand from him.
Served on a silver platter. "Cryptic" is the name of the album, which features hard drums and relaxed guitar melodies, enigmatic light and heavy rhythms. Sit back and enjoy the masterpiece..

track list

A1 Entrance

A2 Liss

A3 Night Mirage

A4 Purak

A5 China Night

A6 Wave

A7 Make It

B1 Chasing

B2 Beating Lullaby

B3 Leaf

B4 The Dream Must Stay Alive

B5 Skate Day

B6 Devoid

B7 Dangerous


Mix & Mastering by KLIM

Artwork by Ivan Merlin