Zmeyev - Aperitivo - limited vinyl edition - 100 copies - SOLD OUT

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Limited edition of just 100 copies worldwide


Vinyl debut by Zmeyev. If you are looking for smooth jazzhop beats on vinyl. Here you are...

Wonderful smooth jazzhop sounds in combination with a soulfully played instruments will create perfect relax vibes on your speakers. Just close your eyes, lean back and enjoy this record.

track list

A1 Jazzappeal

A2 With(out) You

A3 Aperitivo (w Mujo)

A4 Drowsy (w Maple Syrup)

A5 Harmonia

A6 Don't Smoke

A7 Kisses In The Rain

B1 Tornerà

B2 Muito

B3 Amor Y Dolor

B4 Carried Away (w Screen Jazzmaster)

B5 LikeDat

B6 CanUFeelIt

B7 Colores

B8 -Hidden Track-


Mastering by Staub Audio Engineering

Artwork by drawingfrenchgirls